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will give you more information on a vote that is taking place later on today and how it is affecting the dow jones we will bring you the opening bell in 30 minutes we will have more news starting at 6:00 a.m. >> that you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news on this july 28th morning this is a live look outside as an francisco. >> from the fog a chart in san francisco abettor shot at san jose the visibility is better this is a quick sampling of what is going to be live in the south bay area. morgan hill 92
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degrees a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we will have here extended forecast coming right up >> we are still hot spot free this morning great traffic conditions around the bay area we did talk about and accident but it is not a hot spot and will be cleared shortly all have more information on that coming up on my full report. >> in developing story right now out pilot punched by passenger on a flight from miami to as after all >> it was a red eye flight from miami it just happened several hours our this is video how the we got at the gate
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>> it was on the other runway when passengers and notified the crude they had to unruly passengers the passant the pilot turned the plane around and told the passengers to get off the plane this is one eyewitness report >> we were escorting the gentleman off the plane as they got through the side door one of them actually struck the pilot right in the face and that is when everybody jumped up and the guys along with myself ran to the front and tell about the situation he struck the officer again and he struck one of the ladies and then we throw mild and volatile
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out through the corridor and subdued them and got on the ground >> we do not know how badly the pilot was injured the same pilot hopped on the plane had to get the passengers here ctesiphon. more on the gentelman it's a is been said that it could be alcohol-related or medication we will have more on the incident from passengers on that plane. >> southwest airlines click them off the plane in oakland because they were crying too much they said they have no homes record of someone being kicked off the plane they said they were
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upset over the death of their father but then were not being disruptive >> yes i was clearly upset and i never said anything to another passenger i did not have a glass of wine or any drinks on the plane by failing someone had not made a prejudgment coming i >> sense that tension with the stored disappear. i've heard about this thing is like this happening before i was not surprised when they pulled me aside and have somebody talk to me i didn't think it would go that far >> southwest airlines said it if a passenger our passenger are destructive the flight crew is instructed to use her their judgment
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>> we are just getting his picture into the kron 4 in news room this is a sketch of a man that exposed himself to a child he approached a woman in a car and flashed his private if you know who this is or where he is contact police. >> we are five days away from the debt ceiling the gop plan proposed by john boehner it would cut spending by 900 billion impellers in the next year and would only last for six months. over in the senate democrats said they will not support a could risk another default next year. the
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democrats are supporting that would debt ceiling would be raised until not 2012 after the election perr. attorneys her a parolee wrongly charged in the beating a bryan stowe they have filed a law papers documents were filed yesterday in did she know bonnie ramirez giving in to police cave in to public pressure in meanwhile making the arrest the filings also a cars loss angeles police chief in a rush to judgment here in last week chief back
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and exonerated ramirez from any charges in the attack baseball news major announcement is expected carlos caltran the outstanding outfielder is being traded to the giants he will leave the national league with 30 doubles and 15 homers and 66 runs batted in. the mets to get minor league pitching prospects a live look outside at mount tam of very thick fog on the ground and a slight drizzle we will be back in just a minute
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in the network, everyone can get along.
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i lot more visibility this morning and is 95 and sunny in brentwood in martini as an ob 85 with a partly cloudy and we will have a full look of your weather coming right up >> new details on the details of the shooter in the attacks in norway the latest report coming out said break ended he ended his shooting spree and raised his hands high above his head when authorities reached the the item >> his father how appeared and said he would never
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>> to mcgann instead of shooting those children he should've killed himself he also targeted an office building in oslo he shot 68 people to death on a youth camp island retreat the number of people seeking unemployment benefits is down this report just came out i have an hour ago 398,000 report filed for unemployment for the first time last month. we'll be right back when the kron 4 morning news continues and this is a live look out at lot we will be right back >ú
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most of the fog has already pulled back to the coastline and this is world
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will be throughout the day of around 8:00 p.m. i will put it splosh back into the inland for the most part where are looking for fog as far temperatures right now. as we look of the afternoon will be little warmer morgan hill was in the '80s yesterday they will be in the 90s today. this is the look of afternoon highs mid
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'80s in the north bay area and if you're going to be in san francisco today look it for upper 60s in mostly cloudy weather. and this is a look of your seven day forecast. let's check the traffic >> good morning a good start to the commute around the bay area the metering lights were just activated on the bay bridge and we see a slight to re on the west bound ride. a short wait here and your ride to the san mateo bridge traffic on your right side is heading
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towards a san mateo. golden gate bridge foggy and no delays southbound no delays i want update you on this this accident in san jose it could have blocked three of fort lane southbound but a highway patrol made a quick job and no delays. it is an 8 minute ride lanes are open. >> federal prosecutors are
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urging a judge to honor of finding a barry bonds obstruction of justice they want a verdict tossed out or be granted a new trial they are are dealing the jury had enough evidence that his trainer's injected them with prohibited substance >> i'll woman accused of stealing cash and other items from alex drawback will be arraigned this afternoon 56 lucinda moyer has charges of burglary they do not know how she got into drawbacks a halt room he tried to chased the burglar and snapped his achilles' tendon and here he is on
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crutches when he was add cool headquarters yesterday he will have surgery tomorrow and will be in a cast for six weeks >> her opponents of the proposed ban of circumcisions they are striking down the proposal that would be placed on the november ballot a tentative ruling the law violates a california law relating medical precision upper up procedure of the state >> in westermarck where ocean of will see if safety violations or what or part of the cause of the fire the fire may have been started
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by an employee accidently >> the two suspects arrested for the shooting of 11 year- old girl will not be charged there is not enough evidence they were arrested after friday night's shooting the 11 year-old girl was struck by inside an apartment she managed to survive after the bubble went through her chest it was 1 in. away from her heart. >> i heard bom and then i ran into the hallway and told my uncle that i was shot i of the people that shot me encoded jail >> we also spoke with her
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father they hoped desperately in that the police will find who was responsible for the shooting >> this is a look at the roof camera and we will be right back
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it was a good day on wall street for dunkin donuts their share rose 47% the first day of wholefoods third quarter profits reporter increase and jet blue is introducing several
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unlimited flight lands for business passengers buried the tickets will be on cell between august 22nd and november 22nd and new reports said foreclosure activity is down there was a sharp drop as buying sparked taking more time to foreclose against homeowners. 87 percent saw the foreclosure rate dropped as compared to last year >> it is almost 630 in the opening bell on wall street as that happens we will bring it to you live and we will be watching the stocks of very closely we are expecting the the market to make some moves today and we are looking out at that the
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tower this is from our mt. tam camera we will back an tower this is from our mt. tam camera we will back an imminent. sñkékékióç]s]s
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well combat the opening bell on wall street a bigger than expected drop they are up 16. right now we have seen the adult drop 350. . and are forecasting >> little bit foggy here at the golden gate bridge we have seen as for allow we have another shot out of south bay and nice conditions out there morning it sunshine beginning to hit the guadalupe overpass san jose
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59 degrees 85 later on this afternoon. we'll have more on and and the seven day in just a few minutes check on traffic >> meeting lights are active at the toll plaza looks like a normal ride west bound no incidents to report on the bay bridge no hot spots. the other are curly accident is not having any negative activity on your ride >> developing story we're following a pilot injured last night when he was attacked by two passengers
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in miami will trend is at the airport >> the pilot was getting ready to take off from miami and passengers complained about too unruly passenger he made a u-turn and came back to the gate and that is when the confrontation took place this is video we got off the plane it was a redeye flight from miami to san francisco and you can see the plane at the gate and the passengers getting off then fisticuffs a broken out we got some from man from success out of valley he was one of the passengers that helps the do the unruly passengers >> there was a scuffle three and four of us went out there and a tackled the guy and i guess the pilot wild up with some contusions on his face we just did what we
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need to do they were acting erratic and suspicious like they were drunk and bothering other passengers >> barely the pilot was sucker punched there might have been a communication gap the passengers did not >> english they tried to escort them off the plane and that's when fists flew through the air. security finally are ride and help the passengers of to the two unruly passengers appeared the pilot got back on the plane and then towed off they might have been on medication and might have been alcohol related we're not sure what happened with the passengers. >> in the east bay to man
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the police took into account the after pumping car chase are not the suspect they're looking for the car was registered to a murder suspect they tried to stop the driver but he took off and had a freeway chest they finally got the car stopped and the passenger was not who they were looking for >> carlos beltran the outfielder will be traded to the giants he leads the national league with 30 doubles and 15 holes and 66 runs batted in a's scored 370 up three runs this season. >> on our facebook fantasia this is a hot topic we are
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discussing caltran we ask you if he will be a real game changer this is some of the responses that are coming in. if you would like to leave your own comments in support goethe or phase it fan page and like us and join in. >> on wall street after the
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200 point drop yesterday it will be better today than nasdaq was down two and a half wall street is keeping their eyes closely on what is happening in washington. we are keeping our eyes on the numbers much more at ahead on the kron 4 morning news a live look outside at san jose it is going to be a nice day we will be right back it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done?
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nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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just as the of mr. kahan now
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mubarak will be put on trial in cairo we will be informing the you on this late breaking news >> quick look at whether really nice conditions out there the of you out from mt. tam will put it in motion and break down what the weather is going to be like today apps it'll be much like what we have seen all week long we are still in that warming trend. inland spots are going to get up into the mid-90s today. that is out the weather is shaping up today we will have the extended forecast coming ups >> police arrested a woman that burglarized as san francisco hotel room of
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alex two back while he and his wife were sleeping >> here at san francisco marriott hotel a burglary at involving alex to back he was asleep in his room in the middle of the night someone came into his room and started stealing wallets and cash he is chased this aspect and heard himself in the chased the suspect has been caught with suspicion of burglary and receiving stolen profit >> all eyes are on wall street especially after yesterday at. it is better than expected unemployment report. >> we will take a quick break and be right back and
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this look at the bay bridge very foggy looks like everyone has their headlights on the this morning we will have more on that when we return. >ú
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645 they and the house of representatives will wall vote on a debt ceiling and deal proposed by john boehner opponents said it will be dead on arrival and president barack obama said he will veto it if it arrives on his desk a pilot on a set for its fiscal bound of playing the was attacked in miami we will have a live report coming up and alex tray back injured his achilles' tendon when he was chasing a burglary suspect in the the marriott hotel. where are also for
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all when weather flash flood warnings in alan away you can see the flooding in the area this is all from the heavy rains there were half a dozen water rest caboose's 10 in. of rain was reported of falling more rain is on the way today >> our local forecast at we look outside at the golden gate bridge. >> the fog will my around most of the this is looking out at the bay of bridge you can only make out one of the towers on this bay bridge it'll be after nine and a before you see any sign.
6:47 am
better conditions on the other side of the bank'y. this is a look of the satellite image of the fog it is moving its way slowly in inland. that is where the fog is right now are temperatures on the mild side we are getting on warmer and warmer armored of further east you go. this is what temperatures will look like later on this
6:48 am
afternoon '70s and '80s most of the bay and this is where we are going to see the '90s. as we slide the maps 93 in fairfield 85 and a hot all this is a look of your seven day forecast a warm weather will continue as we head into friday we will level it out for every day after that plenty of sunshine and finally normal weather and average temperatures as we head into the end of july now on to
6:49 am
traffic >> good ride around the bay area new-line usual delays are major problems the bridges look good we will start our bridge check at the toll plaza this is all horseshoe of over crossing this is the 880 approach to the bridge your ride to the san mateo bridge looks good no backups or delay you conceive right side of the screen is west bound and the golden gate bridge has been
6:50 am
fog all morning and still is no delays in traffic public transit no delays. >> an act of kindness turns into a terrible tragedy our man on a wife and his two children providing meals to the homeless was shot at around 1230 yesterday afternoon there in >> it was a very good man a churchgoing and >> i good samara known as brother john was shot in a drive-by shooting while feeding down less it is hard for people in this community to understand >> someone who is compassionate and understanding and has a big
6:51 am
heart and have something like this happen to him >> he drives around of the neighborhood all the time and gives out food >> there's not too many good people out tiered >> it is very sad i know they clean up the neighborhood it is really sad >> many of the homeless depend on charity from brother john as his family passes out free family >> brother john suffered life-threatening injuries his wife and one small child were also injured with non-life threatening injuries >> a major announcement is expected with the san francisco giants shares down has the details >> i insiders say carlos caltran this letter with the mets will be traded. is
6:52 am
already have 15 home runs for the mat so far this season he is joining a team that has been struggling for runs. >> a lot of exciting news on this story >> thick fog out over the bay and you conceive the tower sticking up from underneath will be right back.
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adjusted official said the wheel egypt official has been charged with corruption the trial has been on hold and the trial
6:56 am
will start on august the third of >> all eyes are on wall street and the impasse on washington. a big drop in durable goods today the dow jones industrial is up 16 points >> we will take of look of our seven day forecast and all our cameras are around the bay area closer to the bay we will keep those same temperatures for friday saturday and sunday look nice it is officially summer.
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>> we will be back as the kron 4 morning news continues we are reading of this police report out of miami went to passengers attacked the pleiad pilopiotelet [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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